6" Cool Tube & Ventilation Kit

6" Cool Tube & Ventilation Kit

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Saving you over 30 pounds!

This deal gives you all the essesials to run a cooltube in your grow space. 

The Package includs:
6" Garden High Pro Cool-Tube pro tube (L)
6" TT Paxi fan 
6" Paxi ducting (10m) 
600w Paxi Bulb 
600w Paxi 200 - 660w Vari Drive Digital Ballast 
6" Carbon Filter 

On average with a cooltube the temperature will drop about 2/3°C within the grow room. Another great advantage is that, with less heat generated by the light bulb, you'll be able to get it much closer to the top of the plants, increasing light penetration while avoiding burning the tips of the plant.