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65 Bags (Full Pallet) x 50L All-Mix Potting Soil - Biobizz

65 Bags (Full Pallet) x 50L All-Mix Potting Soil - Biobizz

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A substrate that is properly balanced and simple to use.

What exactly is AllMix?

AllMix basically handles everything for you, producing the ideal climate for plants to thrive all year.

This substantially pre-fertilized substrate combination mimics a rich outdoor soil with a fully functional microactive ecosystem. It is intended to provide enough nutrient-fueled strength to support luxuriant growth for a few weeks without the need for further fertiliser.

The pH and EC levels

Biobizz products solely include natural organic ingredients, not mineral salts like magnesium or sulphates found in synthetic fertilisers. As a result, AllMix has a high Electrical Conductivity (EC) value. While its organic ingredients are hard to quantify, they do contain a self-regulating mechanism that helps keep pH values stable.

How should it be used?

When using AllMix for the first time, wet it with water and let it sit for 36 hours. This allows the PreMix active fertiliser and microorganisms in the substrate to begin working their magic before the plants are introduced.

Keep the soil somewhat warm at all times — if it gets too cold, microbial activity slows down, making it more difficult for plants to thrive. You should also allow the soil to dry between waterings. Because when the AllMix substrate dries, fresh air enters, allowing the soil to breathe.