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LUMEN LITE PRO STAR 300W Blue 65k 6500k

300w CFL

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Great new edition to this increasingly popular range, we're sure the self-ballasted lamps (CFL) will become just as popular. They're ideal for:



Vegging Stage

Overwintering plants

Side lighting

Mother Plants

300w CFL - Most Powerful, Low Energy Lamps Available!
Costs LESS than 2p per hour to run

Based on a standard electricity tariff of 10p per 1kw)


Lamp Features:

Low energy, high output lamps - No wasted light or electricity! Your plants will use 100% of lamps light spectrum.

100% Power factor - Cheap unbranded CFL's have a power factor of 40-50% which means they use "twice" as much voltage & amps which can and will easily burn out lamps components, causing  fire hazard.


100% Correct PAR- (Photosynthetically Active Radiation)

Self-Ballasting Lamp - Just plug & grow, no need for expensive heavy ballast.

8,000hrs active life - 4 x longer than HPS Lamps.

Very low running costs - Less than 2p per hour.

Will not burn your plants - Can be positioned 2-3cm above.

Much   from your plants - Due to very little heat output of .

Highest Lumen Output.

E40 Screw Type Fitting.

Total Length: 36cm

Tube Length: 22cm

Diameter: 14cm.

Weight: 1.2kg.