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3 Part Grow, Bloom, Micro - Advanced Nutrients
Advanced Nutrients

3 Part Grow, Bloom, Micro - Advanced Nutrients

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Advanced Nutrition Perfect pH Grow, Micro, Bloom is a three-part nutrient designed for the vegetative and flowering stages of plants.
Combine all three parts in equal parts. Mix Grow into the water reservoir thoroughly. After that, add Micro and stir. Mix in the Bloom. Because of the pH Perfect technology, you don't need to adjust the pH because it will regulate itself.
Store the products in a cool, dark place away from extreme temperatures. When working with the formulas, wear gloves. Avoid coming into contact with your eyes and skin. If such contact occurs, rinse immediately.

Advanced Nutrients Grow is a three-part nutrient designed for high-value plants. Advanced Nutrients created the nutrient to be used during the vegetative and blooming stages. Your plants will grow stronger and bloom more abundantly with pH Perfect Grow. The nutrient boosts the immune system of plants and increases resistance to pathogens and pests. The unique natural ingredients allow your plants to easily absorb the nutrient and grow faster. By increasing the number of nutrients your plants receive by 31% with Advanced Nutrients pH Perfect Grow, you will achieve maximum harvest yields.

Advanced Nutrition Micro is a nutrient in the pH Perfect Grow Micro Bloom set. The fertiliser is a premium product designed for the vegetative and blooming stages. The nutrient fortifies your plants and boosts their immune systems, resulting in healthy growth. You'll get top-quality crops and high harvest yields with Micro. The formula contains essential ingredients that deliver the proper nutrient ratios to your crops. The fertiliser increases nutrient absorption and accelerates plant growth. Use the fertiliser to ensure abundant harvests and healthy crops.

Advanced Nutrients Bloom is a strong fertilizer and part of a 3-part nutrient package. The fertilizer is designed for use throughout the vegetative and blooming phases. Bloom comprises the pH Perfect technology, which automatically regulates the level of the pH to optimum rates. Your plants will grow denser flower sites and heavier fruits. Bloom helps your plants absorb more nutrients in a shorter period and accelerates their development. The product comprises essential micro- and macronutrients to ensure healthy growth and increased resistance. With Bloom, you'll achieve larger flowers and heavier fruits.

Information in General
PH Perfect Grow is one of three base nutrients.
The formula is designed for the vegetative and blooming phases of the plant.
Micro- and macronutrients such as calcium, phosphorus, nitrogen, and potassium, as well as amino acids, fulvates, humates, and a surfactant, are present in the product.
PH Perfect Grow is designed for hydroponic growing mediums and systems.
BenefitsThe formula has a higher level of solubility.

It leaves no residues;
Made to the highest standards of quality;
Improves the immune systems of your plants;
The pH Perfect technology is included, which automatically regulates the pH level.

The Research

The three-part nutrient provides superior nutrition to hydroponic plants. The Grow, Micro, and Bloom combo package promotes healthy plants and rapid growth. The package includes value-added elements that will improve the performance of your plants. The pH Perfect technology, the level of chelation in balanced nutrient ratios, and the simplified mixing formulas ensure that your crops have access to superior nutrition. The pH levels are adjusted at the optimal rates by the formulas. Growers can achieve maximum harvest yields by maintaining optimal pH levels with high-quality chelates.

How to Apply

During the vegetative and blooming phases, professional growers use Advanced Nutrients Grow. Use the product at the recommended dosage of 1 ml/L during week 1 of the vegetative phase. During week 2, increase the dosage to 2 mL/L. During weeks 3 and 4, use 4 mL/L. During the blooming phase, use 4 ml/L from week 1 until the flush.

pH Perfect Micro is used by professional growers during the vegetative and flowering stages. Use 1 mL/L during the first week of the vegetative phase. Increase the ratio to 2 mL/L in the second week and 4 mL/L in weeks three and four. Use 4 ml/L during the flowering phase.

Throughout the growing and flowering stages, growers use pH Perfect Bloom. Use 1 mL/L during the first week of the vegetative stage. Increase the rate to 2 mL/L in week two and 4 mL/L in weeks three and four. Use 4 ml/L throughout the blooming phase.