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20L All-Mix Potting Soil - Biobizz

20L All-Mix Potting Soil - Biobizz

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A substrate that is well balanced and easy to use

AllMix conducts all the work for you, ensuring that your plants have the best possible conditions year-round.

This intensively pre-fertilized substrate combination mimics a rich outside soil with a full micro-ecosystem, which is ideal for growing plants. After a few weeks of luxuriant growth, it won't require further fertiliser because it's fueled by nutritional power.

The values of pH and EC

There are no mineral salts in Biobizz products, such as magnesium or sulphates, which are included in certain other types of fertilisers. As a result, the EC value of All-Mix is rather high. Despite the fact that its organic ingredients cannot be measured, they have a self-regulating mechanism that helps maintain the pH values at the proper level.

How do I put it to use?

Allow All-Mix to sit for 36 hours before using for the first time. Pre-Mix active fertiliser and microorganisms in the substrate are able to begin their job before the plants are planted in the ground.

Plants have a harder difficulty growing in soil that isn't warm enough; microbial activity slows down as soil cools. You should also let the soil dry out between waterings. Fresh air enters the soil when the All-Mix substrate dries down, aiding in soil respiration.