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2000W 2kw Flat Upright Fan Heater
2000W 2kw Flat Upright Fan Heater
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2000W 2kw Flat Upright Fan Heater

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Product description

2KW Flat or Upright Portable Fan Heater

A handy two position fan heater with 2 heat settings and overheat protection. Designed to be used vertically or horizontally, it is adaptable to suit your needs. The room thermostat is adjustable, allowing for temperature to be easily controlled. Ideal for home and individual use when additional heat is required.

Versatile design: can be used either vertical or horizontal

2 Heat settings: 1000W and 2000W

Adjustable room thermostat

Overheat protection

LED Power indicator

Carry handle

Specification and details
Weight     1 kg
Dimenions     245 x 125 x 225 (LxWxH)