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Flavor, quality, and yield are all enhanced thanks to the organic super fertiliser's abundance of natural elements.

By reinforcing the root zone with vital micro-elements and enzymes, Guanokalong® Powder promotes astounding development. Macro-elements like phosphorus, which are essential for plant growth, are also supplied.

Enhanced taste, quality, and production.
Compatible with both indoor and outdoor settings.
Root development is stoked.
Extreme flowering.
Adds a layer of defence against germs that could otherwise cause illness.
Leaves are less likely to burn when nutrients are released gradually.
There's not a bad smell or anything.
When stored in a cool, dry place, there is no time limit on its shelf life.
Suitable for usage in the garden as well as the living room.
In order to grow plants outside: An area of 5-10 m2 can be treated with 1 kilogramme of Guanokalong® Powder. Spread as much Guanokalong® Powder as you think the soil will need, and then rake it in later.
Mix 100 grammes of Guanokalong® Powder into 15 litres of potting soil or earth before using it in containers. Guanokalong® Powder can be applied to the soil as needed at a later time after a thorough watering.

One hundred percent authentic bat guano
Powdered NPK 1-10-1
This Guanokalong® Powder comes from all-natural ingredients. That's why it's possible for NPK values to shift from batch to batch. There is a minimal guaranteed analysis of NPK 1 + 10 + 1. There is no blending of other fertilisers with Guanokalong® Pellets to ensure that the labelled NPK percentage is met. That's right, you may use the same amount of Guanokalong® Powder every time without worrying about burning your plants.

Guanokalong® Powder is not a comprehensive fertiliser because of its organic composition. Each of nitrogen and potassium can be introduced independently. During the growth phase, use nitrogen (Kalong Grow or Veg Pearls), and during the bloom phase, use potassium (Kalong Bloom or Palm Tree Ash).

The Control Union has issued an organic certification licence for Guanokalong® Powder, Pellets, and Extract. Every one of our goods is examined through the lens of certified organic production standards. EEC 834/2007 and EEC 889/2008-based Control Union Certification Standards.
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