Secret Jardin (Grow) 42w (L94cm)

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Secret Jardin LED Grow 42w Product Details:

Secret Jardin LED 42w Grow lamps are a low wattage LED alternative to HPS and fluorescent lighting systems. LED's can be hung vertically or horizontally with the included clips.

Available in two variations, this is the blue spectrum grow version which emits a blue light rated at 6500K making it ideal for propagation, vegetative growth and mother plants. LED's can be used on their own or can be used to supplement your main light, whether HPS or LED, to encourage additional growth.

Powered by Neon LED technology, Secret Jardin LED's will last 30,000 hours and at just 42w have minimal power consumption and heat generation. They still however generate an equivalent light output to a four 55w fluorescent lighting system. One of the innovative features of the Secret Jardin LED system is the inclusion of various hooks that allow the lamp to be attached vertically and horizontally to grow tent poles that have a diameter of 16 to 21mm, LED's can of course be also hung conventionally with chain, easy rolls, rope ratchets etc.

Benefits of the Secret Jardin LED system include:

  • Available in grow and bloom variations
  • Low power consumption of only 42 watts
  • Similar output to 4 x 55w fluorescent propagation light
  • lamps Measures L950 x W40 x H30 mm
  • Can be clipped, horizontally and vertically, to 16 – 21mm tent poles
  • 12 month guarantee