Rhino Twin Speed Fan – Various Sizes

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The Rhino Twin Speed Fan is another product from the world famous filter people! The fan material is a high quality rigid plastic that will stand the test of time and use. As the name suggests, the Rhino Twin Speed fan is switchable from fast to slow to suit different conditions. A 3 way rocker switch on the body of the fan controls the speed of the fan and can be done at any time. Unlike some other fans, these fans come ready to go out of the box. They include a cable with a 3 pin IEC that goes into the fan and the other end goes into the wall. Simple as that! There is also a metal mounting bracket in the box, allowing you to fix it to a solid surface if need be.

Why is a Rhino Twin Speed Fan better than a single speed fan?

It all boils down to flexibility. While a single speed fan is great if you have a stable environment, they aren’t always best with temperature spikes. By being able to switch the fan from fast to slow, you can better suit the ambient conditions to your room. Having 2 speeds also means you can use same diameter fans for intake and outtake applications. Negative pressure is a fairly important factor for air tight grow rooms and these fans can help achieve that. So what are the speeds of the fans?

125mm fan – 220/360m3/h
150mm fan – 390/760m3/h
200mm fan – 450/950m3/h

So if you need a little more flexibility in your grow room, the Rhino Twin Speed Fan might just be what you need! They are available for purchase individually or as a kit including a filter, ducting and clips.