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Rhino Skin from Advanced Nutrients is a high-performance supplement formulated specifically for hydroponic growing systems.

Silica, the second most prevalent element in normal soil conditions, is not included in hydroponic fertilisers or root zones. A plant's cell walls may benefit from silica's strengthening properties. The health of your plants' leaves, flowers, and stems depends on their sturdy cell walls. Silicon is inserted in a scaffolding fashion between plant cells. Around 10% of a plant's weight may be attributed to silica. If you want your plants to be healthy and flourish quickly, then you need the high-quality silicon that Rhino Skin delivers.
The data below is general information.

Rhino Skin has two primary ingredients: potassium silicate (0.4 percent) and dioxide silicate (0.15 percent). The product's recommended usage window spans the second week of the vegetative stage through to the week before flushing.

Here are a few of the ways in which Rhino Skin might improve your grow:

Improves plant growth and production, stimulates the development of more flower buds, reinforces cell walls, shields plants from stressors like high temperatures, speeds up nutrient intake, and complements the other Advanced Nutrients supplements.

What the Science Says

Advanced Nutrients Rhino Skin's purpose is to fortify the plant's cell walls so that it may thrive and provide you a plentiful crop. This product's silica is extremely soluble, therefore your plants may be able to absorb it easily. Soil contains crystalline silica as a natural component. It is used by plants to fortify their cells and improve their resistance to disease. When you fertilise with Rhino Skin, your plant's stems and roots will expand to become strong and sturdy. Your plants will not dry up as quickly since less water will evaporate from their leaves thanks to this formula. Although most silica products tend to be alkaline, Rhino Skin is neutral. This is part of Advanced Nutrients' pH-balanced lineup.

Necessary Information

Growers use Advanced Nutrient Rhino Skin all the way through the flowering and harvest stages. Follow the instructions on the bottle and use 2 ml for every litre.

If you want a high-quality, high-performance formula, all you have to do is add Rhino Skin to your water supply. Start by include all the vital nutrients. This is the time to include any necessary vitamins or boosters. you may keep the item. Where there is plenty of airflow.

Protective gloves should be used when handling the formula. Rinse quickly if you come into touch with your skin or eyes.