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This organic vegan bloom booster is highly suitable to be used in combination with Guanokalong® Powder in the vegetable garden, especially for tomato cultivation!

Palm tree ash contains a high level of potassium, as well as phosphorus and magnesium. Other elements in the ash help to neutralise the acidity level of the soil.

Abundant bloom.
Ideal for use in the vegetable garden.
For both indoor and outdoor use.
Improved acidity balance in the soil.
100% vegan

For both indoor and outdoor use.
For outdoor cultivation: 1 litre GK-Organics® Palm Tree Ash is sufficient for 5 – 10 m². Mix 1 part of 50 ml GK-Organics® Palm Tree Ash with 5 litres water and feed this directly to the plant from the second week onwards. Repeat this every two weeks. At a later stage, scatter GK-Organics® Palm Tree Ash over the earth as required and rake it thoroughly into the soil.
For use in pots and/or planters: during the flowering stage, mix 1 part of 50 ml Guanokalong® Palm Tree Ash into 15 litres of potting soil or earth. At a later stage, scatter GK-Organics® Palm Tree Ash over the soil as required and water thoroughly.
NB: Always take care when applying palm tree ash: it is directly incorporated into the soil (water-soluble) and can be quite aggressive.

NPK 0-1-30 in powder form
Colour: grey
pH value: 10 (high)

Please See GuanoKalong Feed Chart.