Ona Liquid Jar - Polar Crystal

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ONA Liquid is an odour neutralizing air freshener in liquid form that will neutralize the strongest odours without being perceived. ONA bottles can be placed anywhere and forgotten about until the odours return.

ONA Liquid in size 922ml and larger are the ideal refills to fill the ONA Misting Dome dispensing device that turns Ona Liquid into a mist and pumps it into your room.

ONA Liquid is a complex formula of industrial grade essential oils but at the same time it is safe to be used in the home or business. It can also be used around people, pets, and plants.

They are perfect for use in wardrobes, sports bags, caravans, cars, etc. Simply remove the cap and place it under the car seat or inside your bag. You can also use it with a spray bottle.

Ona Liquid Odour Neutralizer has multiple applications, due to its versatility. It is available in various formats to be used in different ways.

It is ideal to use as a support for your carbon filter, since while the filter eliminates the natural smell of the closet, the air freshener renews the aroma both inside and outside the room.

It is ideal for spraying both indoors and outdoors, although it can also be allowed to evaporate simply by placing it inside the crop, or we can use it as a refill for Ona Gel when it has lost its properties.

ONA Gel is a product that dries with the passage of days and it is vitally important to rehydrate it. In this way you avoid having to buy one gel after another and spending money absurdly. As simple as adding a little ONA Liquid and voila. The gel will work at peak performance.

In the same way, the Spray is a liquid that is spent. You just have to fill the sprayer and vaporize the liquid in the air to eliminate the smell, in this way you only have to refill and not buy a new air freshener.

Especially effective when added to humidifier water. Ona Liquid is very easy to use, since it can be used in various devices and is always effective in any way it is used.


Other ONA air fresheners work by opening the bottle and placing it in a place in the house. This, being liquid, we can use it in different ways:

  • Adding it to ONA Gel when it has dried a bit, since, in these cases, if we add water, we will eliminate the effect of the air freshener.
  • It can be used to fill the ONA in Spray or we can also put it in an empty sprayer of the normal ones to use it as a spray.
  • You can use it as a refill for the ONA Car Freshener
  • No matter how you use the Liquid Ona, you will notice how all the bad odours in the cabin will instantly be eliminated, achieving a fresh and rich aroma.


  • Ona Gel Pro leaves an aroma of fresh air very similar to the aroma that summer rain gives us.
  • Ona Gel Apple Crumble has a sweeter smell, like apple dessert.
  • Ona Gel Fresh Linen citrus scent.
  • Ona Gel Tropics with the scent of tropical fruits.
  • Ona Gel Polar Crystal aroma similar to that of fabric softener, smell of freshly washed clothes, fresh linen.