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Give Your Plants the Highest Quality, Concentrated Base Fertilizer to Add Essential Mineral Elements to Your Water!

Basis A&B are highly concentrated, two-part, Bio-Mineral NPK base nutrients designed to bring and maintain optimal nutrition, not only in the vegetative state, but also in the blooming stages of plants. Basis has been designed to enable the plant to absorb everything it needs within a wider pH range.

  • Nutrient absorption is improved
  • Enhances cell division and celstrek
  • Stimulates and improves photosynthesis
  • Contains red iron
  • Improves yield and gives vitality to the plant
  • Water and nutrients transportation is optimized
  • Provides essential trace elements
  • Stimulates the plant’s immune system
  • Calcium in A
  • Magnesium in B
  • Comes in four sizes: 1L, 5L, 10L, 20L


Your choice of size of Basis A&B for hard water (choose your size above)

How Basis A&B (Hard Water) Works

Basis A&B is a two-part organo-mineral NPK that is to be used throughout the entire grow and flowering cycle. They are quite literally the basis on which you grow your plants, and are designed to improve your crop’s quality and yield when you come to harvest.

Basis A&B (Hard Water) is scientifically designed to be used to harden the water that you use for your nutrient feed. Soft water is typically water that has little or no dissolved minerals in it and a low PH. Basis A&B (Hard Water) works to adjust and neutralize the PH and add in vital mineral elements such as Magnesium and Calcium. This helps your plants to thrive, and encourages maximum nutrient absorption.

Basis A has higher than normal amounts of Calcium (Ca 4%), as well as Red Iron (Fe). These allow the plants to absorb a broader PH range (Yellow Iron, which is a cheaper source of Iron, is contained within most nutrients and is only available to the plant in a narrow PH range).

Basis B contains higher than normal amounts of Magnesium (Mg 1%) and Molybdenum.

It is made up of a balanced combination of high quality fertilizers (both organic and inorganic) that help your plant to absorb nutrients easier and faster. This allows you to have bigger and better crop yields, without having to worry about losing any flavours or aromas.

Basis A&B also stimulates the process of photosynthesis, and enhances cell division and growth. It helps to restrict pesticide use, and provides you with essential trace nutrients.

How to Use Basis A&B (Hard Water)

These nutrients are extremely easy to use and have been designed to be compatible with all growing mediums and watering methods.

Use both parts A & B at an equal rate of between 1ml/Litre and 3.5ml/Litre to produce the required nutrient strength.

Basis A&B (Hard Water) must be kept out of reach of children, and is harmful if it comes into contact with your eyes. Avoid ingesting or breathing in the product, as it could be corrosive and harmful to your health if swallowed. Avoid direct heat, fire, or contact with your skin, as prolonged exposure could cause irritation.

Basis A&B Chemical Composition

Total Nitrogen (N): 3.5 % w/w

Potassium (K2O): 1.3 % w/w

Calcium (CaO): 5.1 % w/w

Iron (Fe): 0.042 % w/w