Maxiswitch Plug-In 24Hr Timer

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The Maxiswitch 24 Hour Plug-in Timer is a low cost option for timing low wattage electrical products. It has a standard 24 hour analogue set up, with each segment representing 15 minute intervals. They are ideal for controlling a water pump in a system such as a Wilma where the pump needs turning on and off a few times a day. It will also run ventilation fans, CFL lamps and air pumps or any other low power draw products. The Maxiswitch 24 Hour Plug-in Timer is not, however, suitable for controlling high intensity lighting. The power flowing through them can fuse the contacts together, causing them to remain permanently on or permanently off. Not very helpful if you are not around!

If I can’t use a Maxiswitch 24 Hour Plug-in Timer for my lights, what should I use?

It is possible to use the Maxiswitch 24 Hour Plug-in Timer to control your lights, but you will need a contactor as well. These sit between the power source and the ballast and allow the timer to operate as normal while protecting it from high wattages. Other than that, there is the Heavy Duty Timer which controls a single light. It is similar to the Maxiswitch, but has a higher rating to take the power of a 600w light. If you need to run more than one light system off of one timer, you would be better off with a contactor. We have standard contactors that use the existing timer or Heavy Duty versions with timers inside.