IWS Flood & Drain System - Culture Pot

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Ready for giant yields in a system that’s easy to manage with a flexible layout? Invest in the tried, tested, proven 16mm IWS Flood & Drain System.

How's it work? It’s all about getting oxygen to the roots.  

When feeding, plant pots are flooded with feed. When feeding ends, pots are quickly drained of feed. This locks oxygen in the rootzone, to drive nutrient uptake, fuel growth & prevent nasty root diseases.

It's simple, but it works. 
Flood & drain growing system
13mm inner diameter pipes (16mm outer diameter) or 25MM
Handy fixed timer (1 minute segments)
Flexible, modular layout – position pots how you want
Easy to manage – pots are filled from a 1 tank
Quiet – the pumps hardly ever on!
Saves headroom - pots sit on the floor
Low waste! Drained feed is stored for recirculation
Extreme oxygen – better roots, growth, nutrient uptake
Simple to set up and program
Waste is low - drained feed is stored between floods. It'll run quietly too, the pump's hardly ever on! 
It’s easy to fine tune your flood times– you get a fixed timer (1 minute segments). 

Your layout’s flexible…expand it & position pots however you want – all pots are connected to a central feed tank individually or in groups. Pots sit on the floor too, height's hardly an issue.