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The House & Garden Amino Treatment is an unique booster from the House & Garden line. Plants in the vegetative and early flowering stages benefit from the inclusion of a wide range of high-quality amino acids in Amino Treatment. Amino acids, the building elements of plant tissue, are found in abundance in Amino Treatment. Amino Treatment boosts photosynthesis by increasing chlorophyll production and concentration with the use of these and other substances. Plants are more productive when they are able to take advantage of enhanced photosynthesis, which results in improved yields. With Amino Treatment, you can ensure that your nutrition tank's pH remains stable. Plants with larger roots, thicker stems and healthier leaves, as well as larger and more plentiful harvests, can all be expected when you begin using House & Garden Amino Treatment.

Using House & Garden Amino Treatment

A wide variety of growth systems and substrates can benefit from Amino Treatment. Can be used on rooted cuttings and plants still in the vegetative stage, up to three weeks before harvest,. If you'd like, you can add any more ingredients to your nutrient solution or feed. Amino Treatment can be added to the water at a rate of 0.2–1.0ml/Litre depending on the size and stage of growth of the plants in your garden. Every time you water your plants by hand, use a moderate amount of fertiliser.

Never combine concentrated forms of nutrition, boosters, or additives (i.e. straight out of the bottle). Add each nutrient, booster, or additive to your reservoir or feed water one at a time, stirring well after each addition to ensure that it is fully incorporated.

The House & Garden Amino Treatment is a wonder product that is quickly becoming a best-seller.. It is the only product of its kind for unmatched vegetative growth. This is a definite must-try.
House & Garden Amino Treatment recommended dosage: 0.2 – 1.0ml/litre.
House & Garden Amino Treatment NPK: 0.1 – 0 – 0.06