Hailea HC 250A Water Chiller (600-2200 L/hr 250l Tank)

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The new Hailea HC250A chiller is built on a solid metal frame that doesn't detract from its clean, contemporary design.

The HC250A series employs the environmentally friendly refrigerant R134a and may function in temperatures as low as -4°C.

The electrical control of this model enables temperature management accurate to within 0.1 degrees Celsius.

Titanium heat exchanger ensures long life, making this product ideal for use in hydroponics and aquariums.

The HC250A is a versatile 250-liter system suitable for either hydroponics or aquariums.

Ideally, water pumps would have a flow rate anywhere between 100 and 2200 litres per hour.

Describing the Product

Extremely Effective 300 Watt
Precise digital temperature readings (to within 0.1 degrees Celsius).
All-new, improved structure that will last for quite some time.
Noise levels are now lower than those of a standard refrigerator.
Allows for continuous use automatic resuming in the event of a power outage
Titanium heat exchanger in the R134a refrigeration system.
Suggested Actions for the range of 100-2200 litres per hour
Specifically, it has proportions of 448 by 330 by 440 mm. (for aquariums up to 250 litres) All necessary fittings are provided.

Technical Details

Manufacturer/mode: Hailea/HC-250A
1/6 Horsepower
Refrigerated water capacity of 100-600 litres at 300 watts
Weight 18kg
R134A refrigerant, a cooling agent
The heat exchanger is made of titanium and measures 448 x 330 x 440 mm in size (length x width x height).
Modifications to the Temperature
Readout is digital (accuracy 0.1°C).
Selectable temperatures in 1°C increments