Hailea HC 150A Water Chiller (250-1200 L/hr 150l Tank)

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The new Hailea HC150A chiller has a stylish, contemporary appearance that blends in with any environment thanks to its strong metal chassis.

The HC150A series employs the R134a environmentally friendly refrigerant and can operate at low temperatures as low as 4 degrees Celsius.

The electronic control of this model makes it possible to regulate temperature precisely, to within 0.1 degrees Celsius.

This water chiller's titanium heat exchanger makes it perfect for aquariums and hydroponic systems.

With a 150-litre water capacity, the HC150A is perfect for use in hydroponics and aquarium systems.

Water pumps should operate at flow rates between 50 and 220 litres per hour.

Complete Product Specifications:
165-Watt Powerful, Noiseless Production
Digital temperature display that is 0.1°C precise.
A new, long-lasting design that is more resilient
Noise levels are now less than those of a conventional refrigerator.
Possible continuous use in the event of a power outage, self-restarting
Cooling system with titanium heat exchanger for R134a
Recommendation for Flow Rate (LPH): 250-1,200
Size: 448 x 330 x 440 mm; Fittings are included; suitable for aquariums up to 150 litres.
Size: 448 x 330 x 440 mm; Fittings are included; suitable for aquariums up to 150 litres.

Tech Information:
Hailea, a model manufacturer
Specification HC-150A
Power Required for Cooling (W): 165
Power 1/10 Horsepower
Weight 15 kg Recommended coolant flow 250–1200 l/h
R134A, a cooling agent
Dimensions (LxWxH) 420x248x365mm Titanium heat exchanger
Temperature changes
Digital readout with a 0.1% accuracy
Temperature adjustment in 1°C increments 

2 1/2" fittings and 1 chiller