Complete Organics Fertilizer Mix - GuanoKalong

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This 100% organic all-in-one fertiliser contains everything for the growth and bloom of your plants and flowers. Ideal for if you want to devote little time to the soil conditions of your pots or (vegetable) garden.

GK-Organics® Complete Organics is a balanced mix of Guanokalong® Powder, GK-Organics® Seaweed Powder, GK-Organics® Palm Tree Ash, GK-Organics® Veg Pearls and GK-Organics® Lava Worm Powder.

Easy all-in-one fertiliser.
Improved soil conditions due to fermentation.
Balanced mix.
Superior to chemical and mineral nutrition supplements.
An ideal solution for nutrient-poor soil or plants with substantial stress.
For both indoor and outdoor use.
100% organic.

For both indoor and outdoor use.
For outdoor cultivation: 1 litre GK-Organics® Complete Organics is sufficient for 5 – 10 m². During the first week, mix 1 50-ml measuring cup of GK-Organics® Complete Organics into 5 litres of water. At a later stage, scatter GK-Organics® Complete Organics over the earth as needed and rake it thoroughly into the soil.
For use in pots and/or planters: before planting, mix 2 50-ml measuring cups of Guanokalong® Complete Organics into 15 litres of potting soil or earth. At a later stage, scatter GK-Organics® Complete Organics over the soil as needed and water thoroughly.

NPK 2-5-3 in powder form
Colour: brown

Please See GuanoKalong Feed Chart.