Great White Mycorrhizae

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In the current market, Great White is the most technologically advanced mycorrhizal product on the market. It contains 15 species of mycorrhizal fungus, 19 species of helpful bacteria, two species of trichoderma, plant vitamins and glycine in a single supplement.

This potent combination, according to studies, stimulates root and plant growth, providing plants with the resources they need to produce more fruit.

With Great White's concentrated mix, you get the best possible fungus colonisation for your money.
Makes application simple and sends spores directly to roots for fast germinating.

Mycorrhizal fungi, beneficial bacteria, and trichoderma form a microbial network in and on plant roots that improves water and nutrient intake. Hydroponics, field farming, and home gardening can all benefit from Great White.

In the early phases of growth or as a seed coat, it performs well. Plants that are lively and vigorous should be sought out by users.

The quality, consistency, and proven results of Great White have made it a popular choice for both professional and amateur growers.

The following are the instructions for use:
Great White: Lightly dust seeds with this.
For cuttings, use a rooting gel/solution followed by a thin dusting of the Great White powder. Cuts: Add 1 scoop (1tsp or 5 grammes) per 2 gallons (10 litres) of water to the pre-soak/fertilizer solution.
Place the plant on top of the hole with a light dusting of soil.
Apply 1 scoop (1 tsp or 5 grammes) of soil, coco, or topfeeding per 2 gallons (10 litres) of water.
Hydroponics: Add 1 scoop (1 tsp or 5 grammes) every 10 gallons (40 litres) of water to the reservoir on a regular basis. If you're using hydroponics, you may notice particles or settling at the bottom of your reservoir. This is typical, and it poses no threat to your product.