Ecothrive - Neutralise

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Using Neutralise, you may unlock the full biological potential of your growing medium and nutritional solutions.

By rapidly dechlorinating chlorinated water, Neutralise shields useful bacteria from chlorine and chloramine. For best results, use it to treat municipal tap water before dosing it with a microbiological product like Biosys.

You can use it as a pre-treatment for irrigation water and fertiliser solutions in soil, coco, and hydroponic systems.

Remediates Conditions Caused by Chlorine and Chloramine
Excellent for eco-friendly gardens
Enables the growth of helpful bacteria
The first step in preparing nutrient solutions for hydroponics

Our formula actively seeks out and destroys chlorine and chloramine in municipal water supplies. Chlorine, a potent disinfectant, is added to public water sources across the UK to eliminate disease-causing microorganisms. It's likely that you've detected a chlorine odour when using a water fixture like a faucet or a shower.

Tap water contains a combination of chlorine and chloramine, a more stable form of chlorine used by water utilities to prevent the formation of potentially dangerous byproducts when using chlorine alone. Ammonia and chlorinated water are combined for the process. Chloramine is more effective at destroying bacteria in drinking water and plant watering since it lasts far longer than chlorine alone.

Beneficial organisms are being annihilated by chlorine and chloramine.
Extremely reactive chlorine chemicals oxidise living organisms to death. Chlorine and chloramine, when present in the water, will oxidise enzymes, proteins, bacteria, and other microorganisms with ease. Chlorine and chloramine can be harmful to the microbiology in your growing media since they do not discriminate between "bad biology" and beneficial.

Concentrated Vitamin C, the active ingredient in Neutralise, is completely safe for your soil and plants. The addition of Neutralise to chlorinated water causes the Vitamin C to be quickly oxidised by the chlorine and chloramine. Chloride, the by product of this procedure, is nontoxic to microorganisms and eliminates the need for the use of chlorine compounds. Like many other micronutrients, chloride is needed by plants in minute quantities.

Instead of stifling your garden's growth with chlorinated water, Neutralise will make it flourish.