Ecothrive - Coco Clay 45L

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Premium coco clay 60/40 Charge
Ecothrive's dedication to providing only the finest coco and clay pebbles for this medium is seen in its receipt of the prestigious RHP seal of approval. You may use it right out of the bag since it comes pre-washed and buffered. Increased growth rates and sustained energy supply are the results of adding Charge. The flood-and-drain, run-to-waste, bottom-fed, and dripper systems work well.

The Role of Cocoa Clay in the Formulation
Coco coir, a natural inert substrate made from coconut husks, makes up 40% of Coco Clay Mix, while clay pebbles make up the remaining 60%. Many gardeners have had great success with this mixture in a variety of hydroponic setups. This is because it provides excellent drainage without leaving the plant's roots in an environment where they may dry up too rapidly. If the pump stops working or the electricity goes out, you'll have more time to figure out what's wrong. The roots will flourish, and you'll see rapid growth in the lower as well as upper parts of your plants.

Ecothrive Charge, a potent ingredient made of mealworm castings, is used in the formula for Coco Clay Mix to make it even more effective. Beneficial bacteria thrive in Charge, where they may proliferate and colonise the rootzone. These bacteria serve several purposes, including facilitating nutrient uptake, decomposing waste, and protecting plants from disease. Adding some Biosys instant tea is a great approach to rapidly increase the number of beneficial microorganisms in the system. A key component of Charge, chitin helps plants by stimulating immunological responses that ultimately lead to more robust cell walls and other plant structures. This has a positive domino effect on growth and oil yield, leading to a higher quality final product. In addition to being a source of NPKs, calcium, magnesium, sulphur, copper, zinc, and trace minerals, Charge also has delayed release nutrients. Click here to learn more about it.

The biological activity of Ecothrive Charge means that it should not be used in conjunction with oxidising agents like H2O2 or silver nitrate.