Earlygrow Heated 2 Bay Propagator with Capillery Mat and Tray

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The EarlyGrow Heated 2 Bay Propagator with Capillary Mat and Tray is a self-watering propagator whereby the user can fill up the water reservoir and leave their seeds to self-water allowing you to use your time more better spent with friends, family etc. The heated base instigates germination early and creates the optimal growing conditions for young plant growth. The 9 watt heated base creates a soil temperature of approximately 16-19 degrees centigrade, although this is dependent on the external environment in which the propagator is placed. The user can also adjust ventilation for air flow and humidity control. EarlyGrow propagators are premium and as such are made from robust injection plastic, in the UK. The clear lid is made from a special plastic and as such is extremely clear while also being shatter resistant. Start your growing season with an EarlyGrow propagator.

Adjustable ventilation control for air flow and humidity.

Heated 9 watt base creates a soil temperature of 16-19 degrees centigrade to ensure optimal growing conditions for your seeds, cuttings and plants. Temperature is dependent on the external environment the propagator is placed.

Premium propagator made from a robust plastic with a clear, shatter resistant lid ensures your seeds, cuttings and plants get maximum light for optimal growth in a safe environment.

No need to water regular with a capillary mat and tray which utilities the capillary movement of water to create a self-watering environment in which you can grow your plants.

Individual bays allow for segregation of seeds, cuttings and plants.