Digital EC Meter

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Key Features :

* Multifunctional: 3in1 TDS, EC and temperature test meter. Press HOLD button to lock value for convenient reading and recording.
* High Accuracy: High-quality titanium alloy probe and Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC) to ensure accuracy. The measuring range of TDS is 0-9999 ppm with accuracy of ± 2%, EC range is 0-9999 μs/cm and temp range is 32.0-176°F (0-80.0°C).
* Easy to use : Turn on TDS meter and stir gently in the water within seconds, and then press HOLD to lock the results. The TDS meter will shut off automatically without operation over 5 minutes.
* Multipurpose: The portable TDS meter can be taken to anywhere to measure water quality, such as tap water, RO system water, aquarium and pool water, and more. 

Specifications :

* 5-minute auto shut off feature
* Measurement Range: TDS: 0-9999 ppm ± 2% / EC: 0-9999 μs/cm ± 2% / Temperature: 32.0-176.0°F (0-80.0°C)
* N.W.: 1.94 oz
* Size: 6.1 x 1.2 x 0.6 inch
How to use it properly?
1. Remove the protective cover and turn on the TDS&EC meter. Place it into test solution up to immersion line and stir gently.
2. After 5 seconds, press “HOLD” button and remove it from the solution to record the reading results.
3. Turn off the meter, wipe and dry the electrode off before inserting it back into the protective cover.

Package Included :

1 x Water Quality Tester
1 x User Manual