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Autopot FlexiTank Automatic Dosing System You no longer have to worry about cramming a plastic reservoir into your vehicle or house.
The FlexiTank line, with its several sizes, transforms water storage for all gardeners, whether on a small or large scale.
FlexiTanks may be assembled in minutes with no special equipment, and they take up much less room in storage or during transport.

Complete gardening supplies in a convenient, space-saving package. Honestly, it doesn't get any easier than this!!

The AutoPot 50 litre FlexiTank is a game-changer in water storage since it contains the entire system in a single, convenient package. It can be put together in a matter of minutes, requires no special tools, and saves money on shipping and storage. It's as easy as it gets, actually. The AutoPot Flexi Tank is versatile and convenient since it can be hidden away when not in use, it can be placed in tight spaces that conventional tanks cannot, and it can be bent and twisted to fit into unusual shapes.

Perfect for tight spaces where other tanks might not fit
Ships and stores easily.

The box is 52 x 16 x 13 cm and weighs 1.8 kg.
35 cm in diameter and 53 cm high when full of water.

The box is 74x18x13cm and weighs 1.9kg.
43 cm in diameter and 75 cm high when full of water.

Size and weight of the box: 80x18x13cm and 3kg
When full of water, it's 63.5cm across and 81cm tall.

Size and weight of the box: 11218.5x13cm
When full of water, it's 68 cm across and 111 cm tall.

The box is 14cm by 18cm by 119cm and weighs 119cm.
When full of water, it's 90 cm across and 120 cm tall.