4 way Fitting

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The Nutriculture 4 way Dripper Fitting is made to optimise your Nutriculture grow systems and help you achieve top-quality crops.
The system spares are made of premium materials for increased durability and efficiency.
The Origin spares are designed at the strictest and highest quality and performance standards to help you achieve increased yields.

Use the system spares according to the producer's instructions and guidelines. Growers around the world rely on the quality of these spares to achieve huge yields and healthy crops.

General Information

The product is made for use with Nutriculture grow systems;
The unit provide 4 dripper outlets;
It's suitable for use with a 13mm flexi pipeline. 


The product is efficient and reliable
The unit is made of premium top-quality materials for increased durability
The product is high-performance and long-lasting
The unit is created to be used with other Wilma spares.

The Science

The Nutriculture 4 way dripper fitting delivers 4 dripper outlets and it's made for use with the 13mm flexible pipe.

How to Use

Use the system spares according to Nutriculture's guidelines and instructions. Keep the unit out of children's reach and away from very high or very low temperatures. Make sure you store the product in a dark and safe place. Keep the unit away from dangerous chemicals or hazardous solutions. Whenever you're handling or installing the product, wear protective gloves.