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The GP3 programme is the first of its kind. Growers have been using this system for years, and it's proven to be the most effective. This is the feed programme for you if you want a product backed by seasoned growers.


Your plants' vegetative stage nutritional needs are met by the three parts of our 3-part base nutrient system, GP3 Grow. The GP3 Feed Program includes GP3 Grow.

Growing your plants to their fullest potential begins with feeding them properly during the vegetative stage of their growth cycle, which is where GP3 Grow comes in.

A healthy root system and leafy green foliage develop during this stage, preparing your plants for the bloom stage. No synthetic dyes are used in the Grow formula, and only ethically sourced ingredients are used to ensure that your plants receive the highest possible quality nutrients. For plants to thrive, they need a lot of nutrients like nitrogen and soluble potash (K2O). Photosynthetic and chlorophyll-producing chlorophyll production requires nitrogen, which is essential for green and healthy growth and higher yields. To help your plant reach the bloom stage, the soluble potash improves the plant's resistance to disease and promotes plant functions. Primary, secondary, micro, and macronutrients are all provided for your plants with GP3 Micro and GP3 Bloom.


The GP3 Bloom formula is part of the GP3 base nutrient system and guarantees heavier fruit development during the flowering stage.

Your plants' flowering stage nutritional needs are met by GP3 Bloom, the nutrient system component of GP3. During this time, your plants will begin to bear fruit and flower, preparing them for harvest. But in order to get the most out of their crops, they need to use the correct formula.

The Bloom formula does not contain any synthetic dyes and is made with only ethically sourced ingredients to ensure that your plants are receiving the best nutrients. High levels of phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) are essential for flowering plants.

Phosphorous is essential to the growth of plants and the development of flowers, both of which contribute to higher yields.

To support heavy flowers, potassium strengthens cell walls by aiding the conversion of phosphorus into energy your plant can use.

To get the most out of your plants, it's best to use GP3 Micro and GP3 Grow in conjunction with one another.


For the vegetative and flowering stages, this formula is part of the GP3 base nutrient system, ensuring optimal results.

The GP3 nutrient system's GP3 Micro component provides your plants with the essential and supplemental nutrients they require during the growth and bloom stages.

If you're looking for a high-quality micronutrient supplement that doesn't contain any synthetic dyes or artificial ingredients, look no further than our Micro formula. As a plant grows, it needs elements like iron, boron (B), and calcium (Ca) in order to thrive.

The enzymes in plants require iron to function, and iron also aids in the synthesis of chlorophyll. Boron strengthens cell walls, ensuring that stems, stalks, and branches are strong and healthy. Rigid cell walls, which are necessary for high yields, are made possible in part by calcium. Your plant's resistance to disease and stress is also boosted by the stronger cell walls.

Primary, secondary, micro, and macronutrients are all provided for your plants when GP3 Grow and GP3 Bloom are used together.

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